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Saturday, 1 October 2016

The close. The end. The move.

First of all, I'm sorry. When I came back from my summer break, I assumed that I'd be able to write an article, a something, per day like clockwork. This was an idealistic goal sadly, something that I've only just realized in the past week. I'm moving towards another site on WordPress, one that exclusively works in cheap reviews. I'm sorry, but I have move on.

It's been a brilliant two years, and the blog has definitely helped to ground me. And I struggle to aptly express just how wonderful you've all been to me, You've helped me build a profile, a name for myself, in this massive void that we call that internet. Which is why I'm both saddened and proud to present to you all.

I'm not just throwing the link up there because I want more views. I'm throwing it there, because I need your support again, in any capacity. You made me what I am today, and I could not have got this far without your patronage to my cause. Please note as well that I'll still be writing for my teams, IndieGameRiot and OneUpGaming.

It's been a pleasure. May the flames guide your way.

Friday, 23 September 2016

DS3 Builds #2 - Morne's Fist.

Miracles make an epic return to Souls in III, with more variety, power and use in PvP. Even though cleric builds are seemingly few and far between, with most players choosing to focus on magical buffs that grant a 1.50 damage multiplier, there is plenty of play in how you can use the power of the old Lords. For example, take a fully upgraded Sunlight Straight Sword with a mere 196 AR and then have 50 STR or DEX (or both), use Oath of Sunlight, then buff it with Lightning Blade. You're now wielding a weapon capable of dealing up to 600 AR. And that's just the start of how overpowered clerics can be.

Stats -
STR 50 or DEX 50
ATT 30
FTH 60

Rings -
Sage's Ring
Ring of the Sun's Firstborn (20% Miracle damage)
Morne's Ring (12% Miracle damage)
Lightening Clutch Ring (15% Lightning damage)
+Add additional 47% lightning damage

Spells -
Lightning Blade
Sunlight Spear
Great Lightning Spear
Lightning Stake
Lightning Storm
Sacred Oath

Weapons -
Sunlight Straight Sword, Longsword, Wolnir's Holy Sword or Morne's Great Hammer

Armour -
Sunlight set (for extra awesome)

Note -
Either use Lightning Blade or Lightning infusion to maximise the damage dealt per hit. Please also remember that Lightning Stake is the best thing ever when you're using the hyper armour granted by the Skill from some prayer mediums.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

DS3 Builds #1 - Healthiest of the Healthy

Do you hate taking damage and not being able to survive the blow? Learn to roll better then, but failing that you might wish to invest in more hit points and stamina, to dodge those lethal hits and take more hits overall! Please remember that the stats and rings listed are merely a guideline rather than an actual to-do list. Please remember to also have fun and if this helps, try out variations and add your own spin on it.

Stats -
VIT 60
END 60

Rings -
Ring of Steel Protection
Ring of Favour
Life Ring
Dragonscale Ring

Armour -
Elite or Fallen Knight armour sets

Additonal note -
Blessed buff/infusion for steady HP regeneration

This build is purely for ensuring that you absorb hits and retreat/recover quickly, the rings add more damage absorption and HP, while the Dragonscale Ring reduces the possibility of getting wrecked from backstabs. Combined with the armour and possible blessed equipment, you'll have a steady pool coming back to restore your lost points from hits! It's new player friendly, and even can be happily used by older players who fancy bringing a tank to a sword fight.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Unkindled Knight Dawson rises.

"The fire fades, and the lords go without thrones".

Unlike the previous titles, you're not railroaded instantly and given a lovely, open space that greets the players with opening arms. As always in my first run's of any FromSoftware titles, I picked the class with the healthiest health pool and the heaviest armour, A.K.A: the Knight. Armed with a trusty longsword, one of the most balanced and powerful weapons now, hefty plate mail and a heavy shield that blocks one hundred percent right from the start, I was ready to start cleaving through a dying world. Everything about the ashen graves is nothing short of perfect, from the difficulty to the scenery, there's little to poke fun at. Not that I'm anywhere near a pro on any of the Souls titles, I do consider myself an avid veteran who knows his stuff, this was aptly personified as I managed to kill the opening boss, Iudex Gundyr, with no deaths or fluff ups. By the way, I'll get to talking about him later, because not only is Gundyr the best first boss of the series, he's also very interesting from a lore perspective. After this fight is where things got nostalgic and confusing all in one. Traversing a slope and cutting through a few more Hollows later, shows a huge structure, a shrine of some sort, in front of the player. Then, as you walk through the massive archway, the area name flashes up on the screen and the music swells up from under your feet. "Firelink Shrine". I was stunned. I had questions. Then I stopped and decided to answer those questions later, little did I know much later, once I had progressed past the tutorial area. This amalgamation of friendly NPC's who I knew and the epic throne room, kept me thinking for far too long. But the next area floored me, knocked me for six and then blasted my brains out the back of my head. Because Lothric was nothing but pretty views and pain.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My Dark addiction & how it changed my summer.

If you've never seen any of my posts, articles, reviews or featured podcasts, then you won't be aware of my crippling love affair with the Souls franchise by FromSoftware. If you're a returning fan/reader, then you must have known that this topic would be the first thing to appear on my list after a three month hideaway. In the early days of July, I got my hands, finally, on a copy of Dark Souls III. The cost was irrelevant, I simply had to play it. Nothing else mattered, I waited patiently for a day where I could sit down in a darkened room and enjoy it. And, I'm happy to say, I did. While I wish I could have relayed my daily exploits like Bloodborne and Dark Soul II, but trust me, hindsight is incredibly useful in this case. Without saying too much, the game manages to take every competent element from the teams three previous exploits and then fit them together into a seamless masterpiece. While not perfect, it's the closest that Souls has ever gotten. I'll be talking about classes, magic, the lore, areas, weapons, builds, and most importantly, why it's goddamn brilliant. For the sake of cataloging my thoughts, I'm going to write up my first experience with every area of the game as it happened for me (but written in the past so it's not confusing for everyone). If you've not played this, you're doing yourself a disservice if you're a fan of RPG's or Souls or brilliant titles.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Hello one, hello all!

After my lengthy hiatus over summer, which I spent mostly reviewing titles, enjoying the British summer, drinking and trying to sort university for the coming year, I am back! I'm sure that some of you may have missed me since June. If only because it was desperately odd, not updating a part of my mind (vomit) everyday. Even though the blog was dead, I could see that some of you, the people who either didn't have anything to do during the day or perhaps stumbled across this aged, decaying mess, were coming back to view it. It warms my heart to know that somewhere, someone cared. Even so, I'm here today to explain what's going to be happening next. By 'next' I mean the next few months, because I've got a semi coherent idea of how I want things to go down, and what I want to achieve. In a nutshell, I'm going to be upgrading the quality of my content. From the videos I'll be making to the articles I'll be typing, I want everything to be better for you (my doting audience). This blog is important to me, which is why I had to take a step back from it for a while and let my brain reset over summer. But, you can all expect to see a lot of Dark Souls III, my upcoming podcast, reviews from the teams I write for, some smaller reviews and a lot of me venting and talking about things that don't really matter. And among all these plans, I'll be sure to continue saying thank you far too often for your dedication. Finally, I'm back!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Even while I sleep.

You all just keep coming back, even while I try to reorganize my affairs and pay little to no mind to this glorious fragment of mine.

You're brilliant. I can never thank you enough it seems.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Change awaits for summer


It's been too long since I wrote here properly and there are reasons for that. Recently, I've been ending the year at university and trying to deal with all the work, and loose ends, that came with that nonsense. But I also found myself with no real spare time to stack posts on here, mostly due to my commitments with both OneUpGaming & Indie Game Riot.

I hate not being able to write for you all, any one of you who has been around here for a while will certainly know that. But I need a break. The content I'm producing isn't interesting, unique or even funny. It's far, far below the standard I try to hold with my other work and it pains me to say this. This blog is my starting point.

All you are my reasons for pushing on, trying to keep thinking of new stuff to create or change. I need to step back though. I need summer to write my own creative work, try new avenues and then play games for fun. Don't worry though, I'm not killing it off. I will return. I'll be bringing new content with me, with new projects, new angles and a revived goal.

I can't rightly explain how much it hurts to tell you all this. It's something I've mostly been doing daily for the past year and a half, it's become a part of my routine. There's going to be a void where you all should be. I'm sorry.

This isn't goodbye though, this is until summer is over. I will still be creating content for the sites mentioned previously, but I'll be donning my own crown (in terms of content) after summer. Until then, just know that you've made me happy by listening, and just reading.

You mean more than you know.

Thank you for everything (until next time).

Monday, 13 June 2016

F**k that f***ing rain (Download)

I'm alive. I'm back. I've got trenchfoot. Everything is wet. It was incredible. Back soon.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Download 2016 tomorrow!

By this time tomorrow I'll be in Donnington, for Download festival.

Sorry everyone for another series of terrible stalls and awful excuses, but I can't write right now.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

All things must come to end (wonderfully).

Course over. Done exam. Finished technically. Laptop slow. Can't write properly. Going home for a few days to try relax before Download. Sorry to do this. Chat to you all later in greater detail when the laptop is better.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

More salty than the saltiest salt to ever assault the salt.

Salt & Sanctuary is bloody amazing. Head to Twitter and follow the Podcast link from @OUGofficial and listen to the thing, because I ramble into GREAT detail. You'll all enjoy it too.

Day before.

Very busy revising at the moment. Don't really have that much to say that is game, film, music or anything fun, related. It's all just English.

It'll be over soon though. My apologies for not preparing something sooner ladies and gentlemen.